When can you exactly pinpoint that you are about it?  Although, this motto for me is a motivational push since the connotations is clear. If somebody describes you as “about it” then it’s a compliment but it does take hard work to get there, by hard-work I am referring to the ever important process which highlights some of the components that make up our character.


Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are,
while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
— John Wooden


There were several times which I could have bowed out due to the pressures of life especially during the time of last year, wedding planning etc. For instance I just felt that time was moving slow because I was trying to accomplish the very thing I set out to do which was adjusting to be the best version of me all the time. But #trusttheprocess.


As you build your character, I’ve learnt that each knockback has guaranteed an unwavering loyalty to myself, for example when I haven’t left a job undone, especially as I chose to continue and not to quit even when I was discouraged.

Bear this in mind that most people do not know the meaning of commitment, yet you could be able to prove to yourself that it can be done if you commit to the decision intentionally and faithfully, with no regrets. That being said, it’s ok to let your character bank flourish specifically when trustworthy and dependable positions arose.


I think it’s great to highlight the strengths in your persona because that is the makeup of you. There is so much to do when you realise how to ignite the fire of encouragement which already burns inside of you.



But in my honest opinion there is a reward for aiming to have a steadfast spirit because perseverance is always recognised, although it doesn’t have to be immediate. So if you feel like giving up don’t because you’ll be looking back in amazement, realising that your heart was made for this.

Own it.

Because you are about it.


Photographed by @kings_art

 Mr.Hare London Shorts - Vintage shirt tied into top - Zara metallic Sandals - Vintage bag

Vea x