Have you ever wanted your day to be as outstanding as your outfit?! As unfounded as it sounds, I have but I also learnt, over time to grasp the fact that it has to do with the way I've envisioned myself and my day day ahead. It all depends on what I want my ideal yet intentional outcome to be.

When I pick out my outfit for the day I tend to feel the textures first, it excites me to the point that I tend to visualise myself in that particular outfit, following by what to accessorise with. I work better when I’ve envisioned (not daydream) myself successfully. There is something stimulating about having a quiet confidence that only you exude, but only you can decide on that.


I travelled to Ghana back in April but on this very day I had to work in 30 degree (plus) heat to interview and curate a photo session with two creative women for Studio Stories. It was a successful day due to my previous preparations. Here I am wearing a cultural Ghanaian attire (mostly worn in the north and by men) which consists of individual pieces of dyed cotton and in Ghana it's called Batakari - a smock that has become very fashionable in our culture over the past few years.

However, I am drawn to unique textures just like this smock's plaid appearance. The materials are woven to create a bigger and better masterpiece, each piece holds everything together. In a sense that's the reason why I tend to touch and feel everything just to get a feeling of how it would feel on my skin. I am not surprised at myself because some of the ways I express my liking is through physical touch.


“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

- Maya Angelou

When there are a mountain of tasks to complete for the day ahead, it helps to envision your success once these are done. Although, there is power in positive thinking but I believe envisioning trumps that because once you have visualised yourself, you commit to actioning and confidently stride  put your best foot forward, not to mention you'll be in your best threads! Win, win.

Once you're in the habit of envisioning yourself, you'll be amazed at the growth, start by applying it to simpler tasks such as envisioning the feeling of having a clear inbox; all emails are answered (it is possible!). The difference between visualisation and daydreaming is the intent. Daydreaming allows your mind to wander at will, but when you visualise and focus on something specific you are putting intention behind it. It is the intention that creates the energy that creates the attraction. The attraction starts the action that produces the manifestation. 

As I continue to practice, everyday from start to finish I realised it aided me enormously, specifically in relation to my workflow as it has increased my productivity.

Apply this to any situation and you'll soon find out that anything is possible. 

Are there any power tools you use to get you through your day? I  would love to hear them!


Please note that you are already at an advantage which puts you ahead of everybody, because you’re feeling good. So plan and decide on the type of day you could have and don’t compromise on investing quality in yourself, you have the power so use it wisely.

In essence this is about self-confidence. It’s your only unique power tool, it will enable you to realise that you can be outstanding in everything you do; so play to your strengths.

 Accomplish the little and then you’ll shine in excellence with much.


Vintage Gold & Cork Heels - Batakari Smock (Pruchased in Accra, Ghana) - Vintage 1950's Leather bag - Oliv

Photographed by: Kingsley of @Kings_art