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Sometimes, I like to wear one colour and explore with textures and materials. A dear friend invited me to her sister's traditional Ghanaian wedding and normally the dress code is traditionally white. We wear white as a symbol of a new union, in celebration of the couple who are usually in a different, colourful and vibrant kente cloth. 

I know I'm not wearing white but my white was actually in the wash so I sort an alternative sister colour - Cream

Here's how I stayed cream of the crop and by that I mean how to stay on top of your game

Cream Queen2.jpg
Cream Queen3.jpg
Cream Queen4.jpg

Always add a bit of colour when wearing one colour. You need something to offset and attract. I decided on wearing my favourite colour (pink) and I'm glad how it turned out.

I hope you realise that it's not about the clothes but mainly about self-expression in a way that's uniquely you. Live your life in balance and stay true to you, unveil.

Vintage cream trouser with gold buttons - Mesh and lace buttoned back|ASOS - Pink Stilettos Sandals |ZARA- Vintage Bamboo Clutch|ETSY 

Vea x