Vintage Condition Criteria

Brantuo Studio takes pride in the opportunity to hand pick every garment for you the customer. However, these garments may experience wear and tear due to the natural material state and care conditions over time.

Brantuo Studio have therefore given a criteria to accurately describe these garments; which is integral to aesthetic quality, wear ability and durability.

Mint condition. There is no apparent damage or wear to the garment, presumably because it was never worn. Mint condition is very rare for women’s vintage clothing. 

Near-Mint condition. The structure is completely intact. Only minimal wear from aging, shown by even the finest materials, is apparent.

Excellent condition. There is no structural damage. Only normal wear from aging is apparent.

Very Good condition. There is a minor structural flaw, which cannot be remedied by restoration; or there are surface flaws, like staining or soiling, confined to a small area.

Wearable condition. The physical condition allows gentle wear.