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Happy New Year! How’s your 2019 going? It has been 16 days so I can’t really answer that question other than I’m grateful to be alive!

Meanwhile, we are in January yet by August have you ever looked back over the months retrospectively to figure out, something was missing because of veering off your routine you set out in January? Over the past 3-5 years I always make it a golden rule to read more and every year I procrastinate, make excuses or just real life ish… And I only ever end up reading one book consistently.



I aim to make this year the best year yet mentally, and that includes my conversations about anything, creatively and to learn, to never stop my development and I choose to find that in books. Books are where I can escape for a moment and enlighten my mood.

Here’s a few books that I really want to delve into for 2019 and a few I want to re-read and recommend:

SLAY IN YOUR LANE: The Black Girl Bible by Yomi Adegoke, Elizabeth Uviebinené

The ultimate Black British Girl experience with palpable stories and facts that transport you into a familiar world of being black the workplace, university or just life in general. We needed the facts because for far too long we have been silent but I m glad that we have a space to be heard and recognised, diversely.

BECOMING by Michelle Obama

Gifted by my Sister-in-Law for Christmas, an all-round inspiration woman that Michelle Obama is politics aside, she is an icon that all women need to hear her story. Can’t wait to get stuck in to this No.1 bestseller.

FOUR HOUR WEEK by Tim Ferris

I bought this book about 3 years ago when I was made redundant and a few years later I need this book now more than ever to be motivated with my time more. Tim Ferris is a millionaire so I know he’ll be dropping some VC gems that I missed the 1st time.

LITTLE BLACK BOOK by Otegha Uwagba

This book perfectly fits in your handbag, and it’s so compact full of gems for working women that you can finish it in one sitting but it’s a toolkit/workbook you need to re-read when you’re stuck in a rut yet want to be practical; this guide gets your going and believing that you (especially women) can do it.


One of my favourite subscriptions via Conde Nast which is costing me £1 per issue for the next 6 months and considering as I was to be exposed to more interior trends, and stories I felt that i’s a well made investment for my creativity. I have always collected magazines since I was a teenager so I consider it great reading material to be inspired and create in your own way. Plus you have to invest in what makes you feel alive, daily.

EVER YOUNG by James Barnor

This book is my source of inspiration and I often refer back to it when I need a fresh but known perspective on photography and story telling. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Barnor last year fora photo session at the V&A Museum where they were honoring Ghanaian artists because of 60 years of independence from the British Empire. We have a portrait he took of us in our apartment! Such a legend culturally for the African diaspora creatives so I look to this book for style of the 60’s and photographic styles I can incorporate into our editorials.

Gold Dress by Rat&Boa, Vintage Emerald Earrings

Vea x