When it’s cold outside I really want to cover every part of my body, or try to, but make it look fashionable as possible. That’s where my love for fashion and vintage fabrics stems from because I invest in durable fabrics that I can rely on. I want to wear something unique and most importantly to withstand the cold. My love for vintage coats (I have a few lol) is because it has lasted many years and still in great condition considering it isn’t made how it use to be in comparison to now…. My style during winter consists of a vintage coat and clothing/fabrics that retains heat - especially when travelling around London and fighting the cold draft.

Here’s how I style my super soft 1950’s Beaver+Lamb Fur teddy bear coat.


I bought this 1950’s Fur coat from eBay by searching “vintage sheepskin teddy coat” in 2017 and I love it because at the time the infamous MaxMara teddy bear coat, costed a pretty penny and although it was the IT coat I wanted to be more sustainable and budget friendly… So glad I did because it’s a unique coat that I like and have confidence wearing it year on year therefore; timeless which is always my aim as I have become more conscious in being sustainable when it comes to clothing; so I choose quality over quantity.

Plus the colour is beautiful… That brown on my melanin is a win.


Are there any items in your closet that you wear year-on-year? Let me know in the comments

Photography: Kings-Art

Edited: Me

Vintage 1950’s Coat, Vintage Casadei leather pumps, Vintage Snakeskin bag, Vintage wool trousers, House of Sunny cable knit Jumper

Vea x