In my home we have a jar that was gifted by a friend, to us for the intention of noting down exactly what we wanted for the year ahead - dissected into 12 months so twelve notes filled that jar therefore every time we accomplished it we would look over all the notes and strike through - There were months that I didn’t look into the jar because I knew goals things were’’t getting accomplished so I was in a sense of denial and upset….

This lasted a few months until only early December. Yes I know. I am my own worst critic.


Let’s get into it. 2018 was a year where I was growing as a woman, the year I lived through 27 into 28. I restored broken family relationships, I made new friends, distanced myself from many who were not aligned with my goals and I was strategic with what i’d hope for and actually put plans into action.


I wish I could go into more detail but all in all my 2018 was a great learning curve because I got promoted in May and struggled with leadership due to my position and it was a task in the beginning but my team were wonderful and eased me in but now I am heading into the direction and grabbing 2019 by the horns as in I am executing the a plan for every month and week and hour taking content creation to where I want to see the brand to get to and prepare for the higher heights I am manifesting til it to becomes realised. No more waiting for projects to happen.

Additionally, I also was commissioned for my first interior refurbishment project! Which will go live in 2019 so I am looking forward to that and am currently scouting for more projects to use my hands in 2019 so hit me up for a consultation info@brantuo-studio.com

I loved styling up and coming artists and my work featured on icon platforms such as iD, DAZED, GalDem etc (need to update a press page)

To be totally honest, currently I’m not where I want to be at the end of the year but I know I am expectant of 2019, fully expectant to be in His purpose and create, the thing is it’s the actual discipline that I need to overcome and connect with those who can show me how to but all in all:

May your 2019 be glorious,

May your 2019 be intentional,

May your 2019 be fruitful,

May your 2019 be organized,

May your 2019 be overflowing and full of love, joy and peace.

Vea x