There is power in a good pair of shoes, I was taught me that quality goes a long way. After destroying a few cheap shoes that looked nice but didn't last a week in the playground nor did it do any favours to my feet. She would drag me to Clarks (circa 2000) to buy my school shoes which would last all year. That convinced me to change the way I thought about footwear.

Now, I what I look for when I want to invest in my feet is quality in design, affordability and whether I can walk in them. Take these rare satin, two-toned Vintage Manolo slingbacks (insert favourite rap lyric) I was intrigued with just how the shoe remained intact over the decades; intentionally for a woman going about her daily life whilst looking good.

“There is power in a shoe because you can’t leave home without them! – Caroline Herrera

Continually, there is no doubt that Manolo Blahnik is the patriarch of shoe-making because, honestly any respected shoe maker who has proven skill in constructing a worthy and good looking shoe that, actually allows you to walk should be praised accordingly.


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Photography by Kings-Art, Still Life Styling by Brantuo Studio