Early last week my husband, three siblings and I were having a conversation with my mother and her three siblings in our WhatsApp group. (No, it wasn’t the typical bible quotes and fascinating videos they usually bombard us with daily. Ha!) The conversation was started by my youngest brother as he objectively was trying to dissect why our parent’s generations were focused on the yearning to return “back home.” Our parents obtained citizenship in the UK, work, continue to pay taxes and own homes etc… The subject of presence arose because my brother was trying to seek out the answers from our UK National African born parents – But that’s the thing their experience is completely different and multi-dimensional.

Additionally, our generation were brought up in the African, specifically Ghanaian culture in the UK, we returned home to our ancestral roots only on occasion and school holidays. Therefore some aspects were watered down because our parents were learning to also adapt to the British culture.

In essence, all members in the WhatsApp convo were passionate about the topic as both generations tried to dissect where home was. My mother summarised to state that “home is where your heart is.” As cliché as it sounds it is very accurate. And I aim to follow in my mother’s footsteps because she was ever present in our lives. However, as I’ve grown it seems like everyone’s doing their utmost; learning along the way, to enrich our future generation to do better.


“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

― Maya Angelou, All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes



So where is your heart? After experiencing travelling to Ghana every other year (by force) in my younger years to now venturing out to yet travel the globe because I am spoilt with choice, to be honest. It has allowed me to experience a snippet of my parents’ true heritage. Definitely, I choose to make my home where my heart is at rest; where love resides and is naturally reciprocated. Yes I can choose where my home is geographically, however everything I am made of aids my self-assurance that my home is with who I choose to love.


I urge you to explore, rest, love and just be. Revel in every moment you experience when you’re at your safe place and share along the way! It’s as simple as that. Allow yourself to realise where your home is to enforce the decisions that you’ve made and what not to compromise on.


Home is where I feel most comfortable wearing my Vintage DKNY skirt, bare feet, Zara lightweight ribbed Tee with flared sleeves, Vintage pearl choker and Vintage brown excellent condition, bag (which is coming to the shop soon!)

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Graphics: By Vea of Brantuo Studio