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The weather is brightening up, the sun rises earlier and skies are bluer. As the sun peers through my curtains and on occasion cause me to fret in the mornings because I thought I’d overslept, being so used to the winter darkness. I appreciate the rays on my face and how it awakens me naturally, it fills me with optimism because every tingle I feel, (could be the Vitamin D working) propels me to rise and set my vision for the day ahead.



Yes, it is spring a new season we confidently need to own as it’s brimming with purpose. Let’s get into it!


My winter months were unforgettable and profound; one main reason is getting married to my doting husband. I am enjoying my time of loving, reading, praying, eating, laughing uncontrollably & being. It was important for me to trust the process of my new life, in a new season.

During this period, I invested time figuring out “what’s next.” I was keen to prepare the groundwork. And since Spring has approached rapidly my main focus is to flourish – and not to give in to any expectations that do not apply to me. Because once the sun shines, together with all the elements you have to grow, beautifully. No flower competes with other flowers, petals or stems whilst growing. Try to envisage the reason to why flowers aren’t blooming, now imagine that season by season. There would be no yellow daffodils in March, no multi-coloured tulips to pick; that’s not how nature works.

The excuses you have maintained all yearlong have prevented you from getting you to where you want to be; these thoughts have allowed you to live in a way that is not progressive nor ideal to be stuck in the same vicious cycle so let’s kick that idle spirit to the curb.


I can only encourage through some steps I have taken. (Inspired by a sermon I watched)

Decide: You can’t keep picking up the same thing again and again; decide on what you value the most, decide on doing something for yourself, decide to open up your door into a reality you will not regret.

Desire: It’s up to you to focus on your desires, put in the work to achieve these desires. In effect it is a choice so ask yourself some honest questions and always desire to seek validity in your work, relationships, etc

Defend: It’s the mind that we struggle with, daily but it’s up to you to defend your new mind from that. We are capable to achieve much more this season than we have previously. Therefore, build up a defence for your own sanity as well as not letting the “old you” creep back in.

Disassociate – Your relationships are the most important but you’ve got to get real. Identify & assess who is in an old state of mind. Try to distance yourself from people who do not want to change because they’re just not ready to – Yet you are ready to. You’ll avoid unnecessary emotions and they’ll hold you back from blooming.

Restore – Don’t be so hard on yourself try to enjoy the process of restoring what was missing all those seasons ago. My weapon of choice is choosing  the Word of God because too many a time the world’s knowledge has let me down. So I try my utmost to operate with that knowledge in mind. That source aids your mind to be in tip top shape as you’ll gain strength and awareness of any infiltrations.


My objective wasn’t to sound too terse but I want to encourage you to move forward with your life, you’ll only arise by renewing your mind, (Romans 12:2) daily. I believe that all things were made with great purpose and the ability to see each season through is a blessing.


My outfit was inspired by the warmer weathers; I was so excited when I found this item on Ebay because I’ve always wanted a navy slip dress to wear for any occasion, this time being going for a stroll in the park. :)


Vintage DKNY Slip Dress | Vintage Biker Jacket | Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Metal bag | Ego Khaki Boots

Photographed by Kings-Art