There has been times where I feel demotivated but the way I deal with it is to keep working.

Literally there has been times that i just sit there with my head on the pillow and ask God what am I doing for you? Or myself or those around me? I always am empathetic towards a situation most times it's my own. I snapped out of that and got my head off the pillow to raise my head and got to work; as in there was no time to swallow in my comfort zone.


One thing that stays in my mind is that if I don't use my skills and develop them then it will be taken from me and given to someone else.

Zara Knit Midi Dress, Vintage Cashmere + wool blend jacket, Navy vintage 1950's leather bag, Zara Red rope Shoes. Vintage pearl earrings, Vintage brooch.

Vea x

Photography by Kings-art