Atelier CPH

Object Blanc.

We discovered that there was an interaction between some of France’s great modernist painters and sculptors, Fernand Léger, Hans Arp and the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. We got inspired by the use of abstraction that these artist experimented with and the connection between the South and the North.
— Atelier CPH

These prints were inspired by travels in which this collection Object Blanc by Atelier CPH explore the layering of the colour white, with collages and hand painted canvas. A very subtle living print that is the focus of the room in a non polished way. The artworks feature graphic and organic shapes created by contrasting colour tone on whites. This collection also sees the introduction of two new colours, a soft grey and warm brown.

I feel a strong influence from Matisse inspired cutouts but more over the interior styling is fantastic and poignant.


Photography by Morten Bentzon | Art direction & styling by Atelier Cph

Object Blanc is now available. Images courtesy of Atelier Cph

Vea x