tumlu treehouse 1.jpg

Now this is what I call a getaway; I have always dreamed of visiting Tulum for its quaint and sublime scenery and rich culture. To stay here one day will be an absolute dream because, firstly because it's a treehouse (childhood memories) but most importantly because of the architectural importance located at the edge of the jungle. Luxury and ecological setting is my thing!

 "Set at the edge of a tropical jungle, Tulum Treehouse is a private house for exclusive rental, featuring large common areas, several spacious terraces, multiple areas for indoor-outdoor dining, and five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Locally sourced Tzalam wood contrasts throughout the house with polished white cement. Light and air flow through tranquil rooms appointed with local textiles and ceramics, Oaxacan rugs, and bespoke furnishings by Meridian artisans."


Architecture: CO-LAB Design Office

Interior Concept & Curation: Annabell Kutucu & CO-LAB Design Office

Photography: Brechenmacher & Baumann Photography