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Ladies lets talk about getting ready. As a naturalista and sometimes can't-be-bothered-but-want-to-look-nice type of girl; it's hard to find a medium without spending hours getting ready. Plus, I feel bad when my husband is waiting around and we can't leave just yet because I'm undoing my twists... ha.

In this instance I decided to pick out an outfit I would be comfortable in but still feel like I made the effort. I wore my coat as a dress it was a simple silk coat and my favourite strappy Manolo heels with a vintage pearl purse for my necessities! And we were off!

Simple always works, it allows you to filter all the distractions and trust your gut. Always.

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How long does it take you to pick out an outfit when you're in a hurry? Don't second guess your 1st choice.

Vintage Manolo heels, Zara Silk coat S/S 2013, Vintage clutch

Vea x