This is my newest find, I found it at my favourite vintage/antique store in London. Initially the pile of bags caught my eye in the corner as nobody touched it or perhaps thinking it was off limits; but this is where I ceased the opportunity to look through and voila! I found this 1920/30s sequin and Lucite bag for less than a fiv£r! I never intended this post to be “deep” however there is always a silver lining because there is a lesson learned in this. Persistence: I acted on my gut was able to get a something I wasn’t expecting yet I still acquired what I wanted and more.

It has taught me that if I have the will power to diligently get something then I will no matter the norm.

Excited to wear this out all summer long – I have a love for all things small to carry only the essentials. Small bags are my thing.

Taken at home.

2017-06-30 08.26.54 1.jpg

Vea x