At Brantuo Studio we aim to provide a vintage regularity into the lives of every style concious individual. However, initially as we look into a material story we feel that every woman should be able to enhance and empower details of their story with every seam. We highlight these textures and quality for women to appreciate that they are one of a kind. 

Brantuo Studio founder Vea Brantuo was raised in East London where she learned that she was surrounded by amazing style. While studying 75 miles away in Brighton, she visited some of the most renowned vintage hubs in the United Kingdom. This inspired her to bring a different eye to these garments and bring it back to life.

For Vea, hand-picking vintage goods is an intimate process. Before deciding on textures or quality, she thinks about how the fabrics will be used and play a part to where it will be worn. Once she’s ready to put together a collection, she repairs each garment as a story. Completely opposed to an commercial approach, she guides each individual item towards a new tale, ready for the next woman to enhance her story.


Timeless Chic with a Distinctive Touch.

After a few years Vea realised that sticking to her gut yields the most elegant results. Even when she started officially in 2013, she always matched her meticulousness with curiosity. Her love of travelling around the globe has helped her scour various warehouses and private collections that have benefitted to cultivate a singular yet international style. Today, she spends most of her time collecting and resourcing the appropriate styles, art and cultural references as she is however strongly influenced by her African specifically, Ghanaian heritage. She tends to infuse these cultures as references to aiding the online store, become a reality from concept. She still makes time to learn new approaches and aims to exhibit at boutiques and trade in markets all around the world.

At Brantuo Studio we're excited to learn new things and develop our keen interest towards styling in different ways such as: still life& interiors. We love to offer art & creative direction which enables us to focus on creative content for inflencers and brands. We're excited to go on this journey and showcase how we've executed visions.